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Our goal at Pindependant.Com is to create for you the best pins, medallions, pendants and patches for your event using the best designers, the best quality products, and do it all for you at the lowest cost and in the quickest turnaround time.

We serve many well known events across the USA, including Sin in the City, SELF, Beyond Vanilla, MsC, and SWLC among many others.  We are LGBTQ friendly, and our prices are better than competitive.

We can make your lapel pins in any of these most-popular media:

Hard Enamel / Cloisonne

A hard enamel or Cloisonne pin blends a 3-D look with crystalline enamel coloring in little compartments (cloisons, in French, hence the name).

The pin design is first stamped onto a metal base called the “mold”.  Enamel powder is then assigned appropriately, and then the pin if fired at high heat (900°F!). The powder liquefies into a glass to form a hard surface with a brilliant, jewel-like intensity.

Soft Enamel

Soft Enamel Pins (occasionally known as Soft Enamel Cloisonne) begin as a shaped piece of metal (brass, silver, gold, etc.)  which has the design stamped into it to create compartments.

These compartments are then filled with an enamel paint, which is slow baked under low heat and results in a polished and reflective finish.  With Soft Enamel you have a broader range of colors and and options (glitter, glow-in-the-dark, etc.).


Die-struck is a metal pin with a burnished look.  These pins can also have some cloisonné to them for a blend of stately engraved metal plus a splash of color.  Die-strucks are made by stamping the design onto a metal that is made to your specific color.  These include variations on gold (from shiny to matte), silver, copper. brass, steel, iron, nickel, etc. (This method is the preferred method of creating medallions and award plaques as well.  They tend to be solemn and stately in nature.)


Screen and Offset pins use an image and directly apply it to the pin base. If a logo or brand does not lend itself fully to the process of making it into a 3D mold or you want photorealism.

If you have a complex image or logo you want to ensure looks exactly the same as your printed version, this is the way to go.  A clear resin can be applied to these pins to give them a reflective, polished look.  (You may want to consider this is you have your heart set on a 3D cloisonne type of pin and design your logo without too much intricacies and complexity.)

Begin by filling out the Pin Order Form (Click Here or on the menu to your right) and let us know what you want, and we’ll get back in touch with you swiftly (usually well within 24 hours).  We’ll help you design your pins, patches, pendants and medallions, walking you through every step, and letting you know what you can expect.  No surprises, just great pins at great prices, rushed to you within 7-10 business days (sometimes sooner!).

Oh, and all our pins are made with TWO pin posts, so they never spin!  We do this at no extra charge.

Get in touch with us and let us get you going with high quality, creative, and durable products to brand your event year in and year out — and please leave a Testimonial (Click Here or on the menu to your right) to let others know how

–Sincerely, George & brenda
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